The Boyztoy is a unique men cosmetic brand that considered about men’s natures, behaviors and activities therefore our innovations, formulas and designs rely on what men are. Unlike others that using women products and put in the black color packages and written “For men”. Because we understand what you want.

Our story

The story behind The Boyztoy can be tracked back 10 years ago came from a boy who wanted to enhance his eyebrows immediately for his better look by finding eyebrow’s cosmetic but there was a problem that there was no right cosmetics for men in the market. He had been imaginative and thoughtful about it. When the right time came he tried to do an in-depth research about what he wanted, and decided to make the experiments by himself, After numerous repeated failures and experiments, he finally corrected right formula on his 53 times, it’s took almost 2years ! Finally, it’s happened! “Darker Eyebrow Wax” with worldwide patent and petty patents.

Therefore, we decided to launched The Boyztoy as there are so many guys want to enhance his eyebrow as well by adapt and wear women’s cosmetics such an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow mascara in order to be more attractive and confidence. So, The Boyztoy will fix this awkward experiences for you.

Our Mission

We vowed to develop a quality product lines exclusively just for Asian men to put their best faces forward, and keep men everywhere looking and feeling their best.