Yes, it does! avoid any delays in case of payment errors, so we be able to contact you. Or any delivery problems. Provide us full correct detail is a must.

Deliver once a day / Monday to Saturday (Close on Sunday and Thai public holiday)

  • Confirm payment or Pay with Debit/Credit card before 10.00 am / ships out that day
  • Confirm payment or Pay with Debit/Credit card after 10.00 am / ships out next day

Delivery  via   thailandpost-red-copy1             

  • Domestic : 
    • Thailand Post : Express EMS / Delivery time 1-3 days / Fee 50 baht.
    • Thailand Post : Record / Delivery time 3-7 days / Fee 30 baht.
    • Kerry Express : Delivery time 1-3 days / Fee 70 baht.
    • Kerry Express : Cash on delivery (COD) 70 baht + 3%  (only available via Line or Facebook).
    • Grab Express : 1-2 hours by motorcycle around Bangkok area (only available via Line or Facebook).
  • Worldwide : 
    • Standard (Record) via Thailand Post / delivery time 10-20 days / Fee starts from 150 baht.

“Tracking number” for track and trace your shipment status, will be sent to you around 7-9 pm on the shipping day

  • Order on Website, Tracking number will be sent to your email or logging into your member system to check.
  • Order via Facebook inbox or Line ID, tracking number will be sent to the same channels.

If the delivery time is over. your shipment may have some problems, please contact us.

Postman will ask the person who picking up your shipment to sign for evidence. if no ones home, the shipment will be kept at your nearest post office. Find their telephone numbers and call them to arrange the delivery again or you can go to pick up by yourself.

  • For Thailand Post depends on the postman, between 8.00am – 4.00pm on the business day.
  • For Kerry Express will have a call before delivery.

You can deliver the shipment to Post office near you and go to pick it up within 7 days.
By write down the following message instead of your home address.
“Poste restante at Post office ……(Name of your post office /and Postcode)….”