2 Payment method available :

  • Bank Transfers
    • Can transfer via Online Banking, ATM or deposit cash.
    • Your order amount and transferring detail will be sent to your email.
    • You must transfer and confirm payment within 24 hrs. Otherwise the order will be canceled.
    • After transferred money, you need to confirm payment. Click here >>>  Confirm Payment
    • This method is only available for customers who have Thai Bank accounts.
  • Debit / Credit Card  payment900
    • Pay by Credit or Debit Card.
    • Trust and Securely by PayPal (without PayPal account needed).
    • No fee charge.
    • No confirm payment needed. System will proceed automatically after the complete transaction.
    • You will receive the confirmation E-mail.

For bank transfers method, when you already got an email about our bank detail you need to “Process your payment”, and “Confirm payment” within 24 hrs, otherwise system will automatically cancel your order. So, You need to press the order again.

If you not yet transfer your payment.
need to cancel order: going to your account and delete your order or leave it like that until 24hrs.
want to edit order: Can not be edit, you need to delete current order and order again.

Yes, for Bank transfers, we don’t recognize your payment until you “Confirm payment”. Otherwise your order will not be shipped.