Our products are especially designed for men but it can be used for women and tomboys as well.

Our products are regulated under Thai FDA standard. Not contain any prohibited ingredients such as Steroids, Hydroquinone, Mercury, Paraben etc. Our products mainly contain natural and herbal ingredients. Some are made without artificial colours, perfume or preservatives. Thus, there will no any side effects during and after use.

Some natural ingredients like Citrus Hystrix Extract may irritate skin, So if irritation occurs discontinue use.

Every The Boyztoy products are under Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) standard approve. There are Thai FDA number for cosmetic on each product. Also Some are patent products that approved by Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce. Moreover, some ingredients are imported from aboard.

Darker Eyebrow Wax : Can be used daily for about 1 year

Eyebrow Serum : Can be used twice a day daily for about 2 months

Hair Solution : Can be used  twice a day daily for about 2-7 months depends on the area

There are manufacturing date and expiry date shown on each product

Every products last 2 years from manufacturing date. If already opened, will be last 1 year from the opening date.

Can be used one of these or all together
Darker Eyebrow Wax: enhance and darken eyebrows immediately with un-noticeable look.
Eyebrow Serum: nourish for eyebrows
Hair Solution: nourish for beard, eyebrows, moustache, sideburns and hair.