how to order

Order via 4 channels:


1.) LINE ID:  theboyztoy    (or Scan QR Code below)

2.) Facebook: The Boyztoy แว๊กซ์ทาคิ้วเข้ม   (Or Click link below)

3.) Instagram: The Boyztoy   (Or Click link below)

4.) This Website:  24hrs without waiting admin to reply. Can be paid by credit card without any fee, securely transaction by PayPal

… See produts  >>  Product

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how to order via

Click your selected product  then ” Add to cart”

View Cart  for  your order detail

On “View Cart” section, you can re-check and edit your order.

  • Check the country destination, make sure “Thailand” the domestic shipping cost will appear.
  • for international destination, choose the country then the shipping cost will automatically be calculated.

If all are correct then click  “Proceed to checkout”

Sometimes the system is automatically chosen wrong destination. Make sure you select “Thailand” and re-check the shipping type (in some case there is FREE shipping option available).

For first time customer, please fill in all the detail correctly/ “Order Note” for extra detail  such as “Room 203/ ถ้าไม่มีคนรับให้ฝากที่ยาม/ รอจ่ายที่ไปรษณีย์ (***the correct Email and address detail are very important, in order to proceed and delivery) 



2 Payment method available :

  • Bank Transfers
    • Can transfer via Online Banking, ATM or deposit cash.
    • Your order amount and transferring detail will be sent to your email.
    • You must transfer and confirm payment within 24 hrs. Otherwise the order will be canceled.
    • After transferred money, you need to confirm payment. Click here >>>  Confirm Payment
    • This method is only available for customers who have Thai Bank accounts.
  • Debit / Credit Card  payment900
    • Pay by Credit or Debit Card.
    • Trust and Securely by PayPal (without PayPal account needed).
    • No fee charge.
    • No confirm payment needed. System will proceed automatically after the complete transaction.
    • You will receive the confirmation E-mail.

  • You need to click “I’ve read and accept the term & Conditions” in order to proceed.
    • Or read “the term & Conditions” for website base E-Commerce.


Confirm Payment (if you pay by Debit/Credit card skip to next section)

  • for Bank transfers, after transferred payment you need to “Confirm Payment” on our website within 24 hrs. Otherwise your order will be cancelled and you need to do the new order.
  • Confirm Payment link below  >>>
  • Fill in the detail


Shipping time

Deliver once a day / Monday to Saturday (Close on Sunday and public holiday) 

  • Confirm payment or Pay with Debit/Credit card Before 10am / Ships out that day.
  • Confirm payment or Pay with Debit/Credit card After 10am / Ships out next day.

Delivery & Fee

Delivery  via   thailandpost-red-copy1             

  • Domestic : 
    • Thailand Post : Express EMS / Delivery time 1-3 days / Fee 50 baht.
    • Thailand Post : Record / Delivery time 3-7 days / Fee 30 baht.
    • Kerry Express : Delivery time 1-3 days / Fee 70 baht.
    • Kerry Express : Cash on delivery (COD) 70 baht + 3%  (only available via Line or Facebook).
    • Grab Express : 1-2 hours by motorcycle around Bangkok area (only available via Line or Facebook).
  • Worldwide : 
    • Standard (Record) via Thailand Post / delivery time 10-20 days / Fee starts from 150 baht.


Shipping Confirmation

After the shipment has been shipped out. We will send a tracking number to your Email, around  7-9PM  on that day.


Track & Trace

Track your shipment status by click “Order” then “Track & Trace”  

  • Click the link of courier that you chose to delivery “Thailand Post”  or “Kerry Express”.
  • Fill in the Tracking Number that given to your Email.

Track your order

  • By click on “The Boyztoy logo” then fill in “Order ID and Email” to trace your order status, without logging in to your member account (Order ID can be found on given Email).