Darker Eyebrow Wax

590 ฿

Updated 1/11/2021

Shipping by Kerry  70 baht FREE !!!

New Darker Eyebrow Wax is ready !

  • On the Go packaging! Easy to carry out and use everywhere you go. Come, all in the one package wax, brush and mirror.
  • Square packaging is more boyish than the old circle one. ain’t?
  • Bristle improvement, more softer and smoother.
  • Securely, on and off with magnetic.
  • Same quantity 2.8 grams for daily uses 1-2 years long, still!
  • Quality packaging as the same standard as the counter brands.
  • Cool design of the outer box. Ideally for a great gift.

Darker Eyebrow Wax : Product detail

This product is invented for men who want to enhance eyebrows instantly and un-noticeable looking (tomboys and women can use it too ).

  • This product is invented for men, tomboys or women who want  to enhance eyebrows instantly. It will be darker and thicker immediately with a very natural and un-noticeable looking kinda Makeup No-makeup style.
  • Unlike Eyebrow pencil, Eyebrow gel, Tattoo or because it’s not draw or stick on the skin.
  • Not even lookalike Mascara as non-smudge, non-greasy, non-flake. And suitable for a man who’s never done any makeup before.
  • Water resistance while sweating or raining.
  • Natural cosmetic with premium ingredients without any nasty chemicals.
  • No Artificial color, No perfume, No preservative. Good for sensitive skin and kids.
  • Contains 5 natural oils : Organic cold-pressed virgin Coconut oil, Organic cold-pressed virgin Black Sesame oil, Mineral oil, Extra virgin Olive oil and Castor oil.
  • Thai FDA standard approved n.10-1-6011524
  • Net weight 2.8 grams. Can be used daily more than 1-2 year long.
  • Easy to use just with your fingertip, then finish with brush. Brush comes in the package. (see: Direction of use)
  • Also easy to clean out, just soap or washing liquid. No cosmetic remover needed.

  • This is a worldwide patent product with petty patents in several formulas, any copies or similar to this product, even with different brands whose manufacturer and seller will cause a very serious matter as it’s illegal by International Intellectual Property Law



Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 8.5 × 3 cm